halloween costumes for kids

Career-related Halloween costumes for young girls are hard to come by.
At 6:34 p.m., your mom buckles you into the back of the Range Rover. She drives to the first neighbor's house and waits in front of it until precisely 6:37 p.m., when she gives you permission to unbuckle and go up to the first door.
Every year, kids continue to dress up in classic costumes. In fact, I would bet that when you open your door for trick-or-treaters, nine out of 10 times you'll see a superhero or a princess.
There are only so many years that your kids will want to coordinate their Halloween costumes with each other. If you want
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Kids may love dressing up for Halloween, but that doesn't mean parents can't get in on the fun. There's always room for coordination
Happy Halloween! Whether you're putting the finishing touches on a family ensemble, helping your kids make their dream costumes
What kind of mom am I that shops for costumes online? And who always has to pay extra shipping to get them in time? And what kind of mom tries to control what her kids wear? Don't I know before the photo opp the costumes will just tear?
Looks like this little girl is taking the trash out ... and wearing it as a Halloween costume. Dad (aka Reddit user eAtheist
Halloween is a busy time of year for single moms with young kids. Picking the perfect costume can be time consuming and expensive. So why not opt out of those pricey, pre-made costumes and make your own? Here are five easy do-it-yourself costume ideas.
Forget witches, ghosts and ... naughty leopards?! These kids know Halloween is all about creativity. (Actually, their parents
Babies look cute no matter what you put them in, and Halloween takes that idea to a whole new level. Babies dressed as Yoda
As much as we love Halloween, the thought of buying a costume puts a damper on the holiday.
They're trendy, cool, always dressed to the nines -- and they're under four feet tall. Celebrity parents make sure their
Two years ago, my daughter startled us with a most unusual request for a costume: She wanted to dress up as Madonna. She was not even 5 at the time, so this raised some eyebrows in our house.
As promised, we've been rolling out all the funniest, most inappropriate, and now cutest and weirdest kids' costumes for
Halloween is just a few weeks away so your costume search is probably in high gear. Don't worry - HuffPost Comedy is on top
Ellen knows the best way to viewers' hearts is to show some adorable kids. Here, some little ones show off their homemade