International Development

The impact of the fall of commodity prices on African economies illustrate their fragility, and that of the ubiquitous and
"The 45-minute intensive and technical warm up is also a key part of the class," Bashir added. "This is a way for kids to
Komera team members recently ventured north to Uganda to learn how to develop innovative and successful businesses in this
Like most people, I've been thinking a lot about how the results of the hard-fought presidential election of 2016 will shape
This year the main Christmas tree in Bethlehem shines brightly. In years past, though, it was sometimes a struggle to light it up because the city couldn't devote the funds to it.
If we are to face up to global challenges, from tackling climate change, poverty and disease to standing up for gender equality
After eight years as Ambassador to the UN, I see little genuine appetite for reform of the Security Council.
The Wild East of Resource Exploitation ODC's open data archives have long provided a much-needed service that even the Cambodian
In its quest to forge its own path with development partners, Gambia has broken diplomatic relations with Taiwan and the
Over the next two weeks the UN is marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Such violence
Having power is to be empowered. Electricity--power, light, warmth--is a proxy for social justice. Segal Family Foundation
Barry Segal, the founder of Segal Family Foundation, always says you can't be "all over the lot." Or to borrow from this
Tumaini has been able to channel her empathy and understanding, using the confidence and leadership skills she gained through
That's why USAID created the U.S. Global Development Lab. Part of our mission is to find the next generation of breakthrough
Around 2003 and 2004, though, the tourism industry also began to discover the beach. One restaurant opened along the waterfront
While some countries have made headway in advancing the human rights and development of our LGBTI brothers and sisters, there
Fiorella KJ, Camlin CS, Salmen CR, et al. Transactional fish-for-sex relationships amid declining fish access in Kenya. World
Rosales is currently completing her thesis work on Obama's response to the 2011 ouster of Mubarak, using Critical Discourse
However, investments and public-private partnerships must crucially focus on solutions to regional sustainable development
You wouldn't know it driving around polluted Kathmandu, but Nepal is very much a leader in the fight against climate change. For a poor country struggling with severe poverty, it is more than a little admirable how much Nepal has done already to decarbonize its economy.