John Eastman

The vice president's former counsel, Greg Jacob, has accused John Eastman of spinning lies to pressure Pence to "betray" his oath of office.
Subpoenas could be issued as early as next week, The Guardian reports.
"If we take them out in the primaries, and the pre-condition for getting elected is we’re going to fight maybe we’ve got an opportunity," said John Eastman.
"The ‘siege’ is because YOU and your boss did not do what was necessary," John Eastman emailed Pence's aide as rioters barged through the Capitol.
Pence was too much of an "establishment guy" to ignore the results of a legitimate presidential vote, John Eastman said on video.
“Call me the white-knight hero here, talking [Trump] down from the more aggressive position,” after the election, right-wing attorney John Eastman claims.