kyrie irving

NBA followers reacted to the jaw-dropping news on Twitter.
The Boston Celtics point guard is apologizing but hasn't said if he had changed his mind.
Kyrie Irving The name of the NBA basketball star is a unisex Greek name used in the church refrain Kyrie Eleison. Thanks
It is possible to make this claim because she built the first women's basketball dynasty at the University Tennessee, and
Long ago, Public Enemy penned the lyric "Don't believe the hype". It was a lesson lost on a confused Warrior fan base whose pre-fab narrative is "Everything has changed, it's a completely new era." The Cavs successfully proved otherwise.
Only Wilt Chamberlin has also done what the 24-year-old just did.
They silenced the critics as well, combining for 50 points as Cleveland cruised to victory.
The problem for the Cavs is that their personnel can't match up defensively with the Warriors because they insist on playing Kyrie (38 min) and Kevin Love (37 min) -- heavy minutes. And the Warriors are incredibly disciplined about punishing bad defenders.