“So who has had sex today?” the pretty — and a little-too-perky for 10:00 a.m.  — tour guide asks. “And sex with yourself
Happy National Poetry Month!
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When investigators had their answers and Tsarnaev had already incriminated himself, only then did they read him his rights. He immediately fell silent, protecting the rights previously denied him.
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When Miranda began and I realized that the entire audience would literally be voicing their opinions as the show progressed, I was very excited to see this kind of audience-chooses-their-own-adventure theatre.
Colleen Ballinger has stumbled across a unique path to fame. What began as a mockery of YouTube musicians has turned into a career opportunity with global appeal.
The Court ruled that before being interrogated, a person in custody must (among other things) "be clearly informed that he
   What "deregulation" actually means Ahem. Seriously, though, I've been pounding this point for a few months now -- Democrats
GOP candidates are manly men who fight for law and order. Only leftist weaklings bother with details like fair trials or worry about executing innocent prisoners.
Last year lawmakers and pundits from all corners of politics weighed in loudly and aggressively about the eventual decision
It seemed like a good idea to take my daughter to see Sex and the City 2 for her birthday; it was a rainy Saturday and SATC2
On June 1, the U.S. Supreme Court finally dealt Miranda a death blow. Elena Kagan, Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court, was complicit in Miranda's demise.
Let's be honest -- no one does designer clothes, Manolo Blahniks and gay clichés like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.
In 1984, the Supreme Court created an exception to the Miranda rule when the questioning was designed to protect public safety -- and it's largely been ignored by prosecutors and courts.
Now that the "Sex and the City" movie is making women crazy again, I remembered all those girls who drove me nuts trying to be like the Fab Four. Did these girls, in fact, go on to lead the lives of their "Sex and the City" heroes? I decided to call them up and ask.
Graduation often means going home or moving away, leaving the familiar and making new starts. But make yourself a promise to keep up with your school chums - they're the best graduation gift you can get.
In the end, it wasn't about the sex. For the ladies of "Sex and the City," there was but a single item listed on the bottom line: love. Not with the men of their dreams, but with each other.