Oldest people

The senator and presidential candidate delivered one of the feistiest one-liners of the Democratic debate night.
Masazo Nonaka credited sweets and soaking in his family's hot springs for his impressive longevity.
Researchers who verified Jeanne Calment's claim say the new theory is nonsense.
They need about 14 more months before they set record for oldest married couple ever.
Richard Overton, a World War II veteran, is celebrating his 112th birthday.
Nabi Tajima, born roughly 14 years before World War I began, was believed to be the world's oldest person.
They met in Haiti and have five children, 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. They're still going strong, not only
Morano-Martinuzzi was born just days before the turn of the century in November 1899. It's her slightly unusual diet which
On Sunday, the world's oldest man, Alexander Imich, passed away in New York at the age of 111. Imich, who had immigrated