The unacknowledged assumption inherent in all this courtly mean-well is unwittingly dismissive: that poets of a certain age
If the initiative passes, this is a big deal, not only because Montana has a lot of public lands--one third of the state or 50,000 square miles--and a long trapping tradition, but it will punctuate the growing shift to keeping state public lands safer for everybody.
Several weeks back I wrote about the three baby Screech Owls my wife and I raised and released in our yard, "overflow" from
A great deal of that hands-on rehab is performed by hundreds of dedicated volunteers, my wife Carolyn among them. With the urging then of my very special volunteer and following plans provided by our professional wildlife staff, we've constructed a spacious enclosure in our backyard.
The rescuer in the photo says yes, but some other experts disagree.
Wildlife rehabbers hope to release Hedwig back into the wild after she recovers from a gunshot wound.
Owls are remarkable and intimidating creatures: They can fly near silently. They have excellent vision and hearing. They're
YouTuber Adam Poley says this owl always pulls this face whenever he pays the bird a visit. With its part smile, part awkward
HuffPost Comedy Editors Carol Hartsell and Katla McGlynn spend all day looking at funny things on the Internet. Now, they
When Kuu the screech owl gets a full-on head massage, the little bird melts into ultimate relaxation. Judging from the squinted
Unlike most humane organizations, Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA also provides care for injured and orphaned native wild
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Lucky for him, he was able to get the help he needed, and now he can fly around
What would you do if an owl flew into your house? In the viral video above, watch as a guy who's been nicknamed the "Owl