pedestrian question

"Representative Neville Longbottom, please bring the jobs back to the U.S."
Christian Grey has nothing on these people. It's probably safe to say you'll never look at Disney rides the same way again
And white people, if you do answer "yes," keep in mind you will have to name your friends. So, that's just something to think
"Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC. Kimmel's cameras hit the streets to see if his audience could
What is a GMO? Is it good for you? Is it bad for you? Is it just OMG backwards? To get the scoop, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera
Can you guess what their answers were? "Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC. (Spoiler Alert! It's
The World Wide Web can answer pretty much everything, but Jimmy Kimmel has one question that still remains: Have you ever
Jimmy Kimmel's latest Pedestrian Question leaves the final word on Thanksgiving by asking people on the street if they got
In the wake of the latest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, Jimmy Kimmel sent his people out to the streets of Los Angeles
There's been a lot of talk about the Fiscal Cliff these past few weeks, but on Thursday night's "Live!" Jimmy Kimmel had
Starbucks announced this week that they'll be introducing a new type of coffee to 48 of their US stores and that it will
Jimmy Kimmel's latest Pedestrian Question required a little bit of research. After a recent Mick Jagger biography claimed
But you've probably been too polite to point it out. How juvenile! You'll keep your thoughts to yourself. If you've laid
Jimmy Kimmel's "Pedestrian Question" -- the segment where he asks people on the Los Angeles sidewalks an interesting question
In honor of the holiday weekend, the question was, "Have you ever seen your mother naked?" A jarring one, to say the least