pot brownies

The supersized marijuana treat contains a whopping 20,000 milligrams of THC.
Authorities in Michigan are trying to figure out how the brownies ended up in goodie bags for high school football players.
"My roommates got ahold of some of [the brownies]," she told KOMO. "They ended up selling them to a freshman girl." "Universities
Well, that just happened. While on "Conan," Larry King admitted he likes marijuana, aka jazz cigarettes for those in the
A teenager who allegedly made and sold hash brownies could serve life in prison because of the ingredients he used.
Portland's police chief took a sick dog to an animal hospital Monday night after the dog ate too many pot brownies.
The sixth-grader who brought the brownie allegedly didn't tell the other children of the treat's secret ingredient before
Pot brownie pranks have a history of being taken very seriously by law enforcement. From there, the news outlet reports, Russo
Cunningham waived a status conference and the case is scheduled for arraignment on Jan. 25. ___ Cunningham originally was
The 9 a.m. history class was small, with about a dozen students, and the victims began feeling sick within 1 1/2 hours after
'Recovering from this attack' Distributed by MCT Information Services "The History Department is relieved that our colleague
BOULDER, Colo, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Two University of Colorado at Boulder students are accused of bringing marijuana-laced brownies
Nelson was issued a ticket for DUI. "We would hope in the next couple of months we don't see more of these," Huff said. "But
"Instead of this being a drain on our resources, we could tax it like anything else and use it as a contribution to revenues
What exactly is stoner cuisine? Most stoner chefs express themselves by re-imagining traditional dishes, or fusing flavors together in new ways to create inspired combinations.
Apparently Chelsea Handler employs her brother as her personal chef but isn't too happy with how he's been doing his job
Pot brownies aren't the only baked good that can get you high (and arrested). Ariel Herrara, 23, was caught selling the pot
Pot brownies are nothing new to the high school scene. Recently, an eighth-grader in Denver was caught bringing one into
Police say that an eighth-grader at Kunismiller Creative Arts Academy in Denver was cited for bringing a pot brownie to school
All three victims are going to be OK, but officials tell the Orange County Register the case is just one of two recent incidents