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Israeli designer Inbal Dror sketched a few gorgeous dress designs for Meghan Markle's wedding.
If you have a thing for European-inspired traditions, take a detour to Regina on your next North American road trip. Set squarely among Canada's most agricultural province -- a vast expanse that was once part of the Northwest Territories -- Saskatchewan's capital is all about traditions.
Queen Elizabeth II may soon have to relocate from Buckingham Palace as the residence undergoes an estimated 150 million pounds
There is an appropriate etiquette to greeting the Queen of England. Most grownups wouldn’t know the first thing about how to behave. But one little boy knew exactly how to turn on the charm for her Majesty.
When the first plan falls flat on its face, Louise tries to be as accommodating as possible to her father-in-law and his
When traveling abroad, it's important to learn about the people and culture you are doing business with, so as not to be misunderstood or appear rude. Here are some tips for businesspeople and other visitors traveling in the UK.
Luckily, little Lupo is waiting for Kate and Will in Berkshire at the Middleton home, where the royal couple will reportedly
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In case you had any doubt, it's good to be the Queen. If the UK moves forward with the minimum wage plan -- which could affect
Any reader will relate to this sudden love affair with books -- the hunger for reading, its satisfactions and frustrations, that unavoidable sense that there are so many good books to read and none of us can ever manage, as the queen says, to catch up.