race relations

The Galveston Police Department issued an official apology for any "unnecessary embarrassment" caused by the incident.
Susan Westwood, dubbed “South Park Susan," was wanted by police following the incident at an apartment complex.
Brennan Walker said he was looking for help after missing a bus to school. Jeffrey Zeigler fired a shotgun blast at him.
"When he talks that way, the way he did on this tape, it confirmed that he is truly a racist,” she said.
Obama did "more to exacerbate racism in this country," Santorum claims.
"How do we explain to our kids that because of the color of your skin people aren’t going to like you?" Barnes said at a rally on Saturday.
The adage “You have to work twice as hard for half as much” never rang more true.
Conversations about race have to start much earlier than most white people think they do.
The film’s social commentary on interactions between races cannot be escaped.
Unfortunately, on this particular MLK Day, the solutions look farther away than ever. Everyone is talking past one another
The Specter of White Rage by Lt. Gen. Clarence E. McKnight, Jr. The senseless cruelty of Dylann S. Roof, the young man who
My goal was to invite Representative Williams to the White House to meet with President Bush. She came to the White House
Our rejection of some people's ideologies, sadly, may also mean our rejection of some relationships. And while unfortunate
Any notion that the United States had become "post-racial" ended when Donald Trump, who as a candidate questioned president
The huge voter turnout in the primaries for Trump and Sanders was a scream for change by millions of Americans. Many of us did not hear it until we saw the results last week. Americans are anxious about race, women in the workforce, and income.
As a teenager, the congressman wasn’t even allowed to get a library card because of his race.
"This is so hard to do," he said, "but in the therapy model, you have to look at what is before you can really start to heal