"I didn't (think I could make that transition) for a long time. People kept saying 'You should be in the business' for about
It turns out Raven Baxter knows more about racism than Raven-Symoné. Cue the irony.
Check out the video above to see his reaction. He can't be stopped! Jordan rose to Internet fame earlier this month when
Marco Marco's "Collection Three" show proved to be an even more perfectly outrageous spectacle than his last showing. That alone was no small feat, but with 37 looks adorned on the bodies of the most celebrated queens, no mission proved impossible. I was lucky enough to track Marco down for this rare question and answer session.
Ru appeared on the show to promote the new season of "Drag Race," his album "Born Naked," as well as his new chocolate bar
If there's one word to gauge a good natured working relationship, it's symbiosis. From understanding the needs of both parties and acting when we observe them, to giving back in unexpected and surprising ways, it's all a beautiful dance we must follow each day.
Following a "pop music emergency" after her new single "Applause" leaked and Lady Gaga decided to release the track eight
Raven Symone faces a disturbing Internet backlash over coming out as a lesbian, as fans tweet disparaging remarks about her sexuality. Noah Michelson joins Josh to discuss.