You heard next that the story of the virgin birth teaches -- claims -- that the power behind all things is a person who can
You may not agree with the method of protest, but can you be silent against what is being protested against, the ongoing
The Hegelian opposites integrated into the Golden Age of the Hochzeit as performed by the venerable Kulturindustrie theorist, Dr. Laurence A. Rickels...
Photos via HBO By Yasmin Tayag Neuroscientists, carrying on a philosophical debate that's raged for millennia, haven't been
I know that I was animate and that I walked around and fooled people into thinking that I was still alive, that I was me. But I wasn't, not really.
Zombies and the walking dead make for good copy, but do little to advance our understanding of life and death. Unfortunately, neither did the National Geographic with a cover article entitled, "The Science of Death: Coming Back from the Beyond."
Today, the world often seems like Humpty Dumpty after his fall, a shattered and confusing mess. Among what seem to be insurmountable divisions, there is little agreement on how to piece it together into a whole.
For many folks, Easter marks the unofficial beginning of spring, a day for decorating and hunting for eggs, and baskets of chocolate goodies being delivered by the Easter Bunny himself.
So, after Easter, if we would speak of making our community "great again," we must come to terms with the politics of Easter: to be great requires a deep and liberating humility, a mercy and quiet persistence in meeting others in their distress, an allowance for others to speak and to be heard, a universal proclamation of the goodness of all human beings.
Jesus' death reminds us that, while death is dreadful and a real ground for fear, there are worse things than death. Turning away from a life of meaning, mission and vision, or seeking to prolong life with so much zeal that the life one lives becomes a torment, would all be examples of that.