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Insurance agent Jo Rae Perkins is the Republican front-runner for an Oregon Senate seat. She also believes in a dangerous, baseless conspiracy.
Tillis tried to appeal to the angry residents. "Generally speaking, when you hear about annexation, it doesn’t sound like
WASHINGTON -- Move over, Tinder and Hinge, because there's a new app tempting you to swipe right. This is certainly true
Description: Thanks to the internet phenomenon, "McConnelling", the questionable relationship between Politicans and Super PACS are getting more exposure. And not in a good way.
Nine senate candidates have uploaded b-roll footage to their websites for super PACs to use in ads. Creating a loophole, for candidates to work with huge campaign donors. But is it legal?
The health of citizens and our air, water, and land shouldn't be issues divided along party lines. Protecting our health and the fragile world we live in should be a moral obligation shared by all parties.
There are many excellent candidates running in this election, but the above eight will be fierce advocates for youth. Please consider supporting them in any way you can.
Now, however, a series of statements from Republican Senate candidates has handed Democrats an opportunity similar to the
You know, this is the first time I've ever tried to fly a plane, but I've got plenty of common-sense values, so those big thunderstorms up ahead shouldn't be any kind of problem.
The third rule, and perhaps the most understated, is to not let the perfect get in the way of the good. "Before I took over