I’m not professing to have discovered the secret to a happy life — all I did was find the secret to my own happiness.
I don’t want to regret not having danced when I had the chance.
Two English-speaking tourists are being hunted by Italian police for skinny dipping in a war memorial fountain.
"The way I see it, if she’s happy, I’m happy for her. And she usually has change for $100."
"I want to live in a world where it doesn’t matter whether I tell someone I’m a software engineer or an exotic dancer."
I had never experienced such freedom. I had never felt so proud about myself, my sexuality and my body, no matter how imperfect it is.
Our HuffPost Community discusses the issue with feminist movies in Hollywood.
Sophiensæle's eleven day performance marathon, Tanztage Berlin 2015, brought the city's unrestrained attitude about sex and the human body into a (re)volutionary movement.
Women working in the sex work industry -- be it pornography, stripping or prostitution -- sit in the cross-hairs of an enduring controversy, surfacing questions surrounding everything from sexuality and health to economics and morality. Is female sex work empowering, enslaving... or a lot more complicated than either?
Frankly, I'm over abs -- my own and everyone else's. It's not that I have anything against six-packs on those who are blessed with them. (I'm generally a few beers short myself.) I'm just tired of having them constantly shoved in my face. (No offense, Nick Jonas!)
That was your stage name? Yes. So, when I quit, I managed to get out of that life, which is a really long story that I won’t
Feel free to stare a little longer at Big Red. On Tuesday, Joe Manganiello, who plays Big Dick Richie in "Magic Mike," and
AC: I love tears. I am glad you cried and am honored my writing had this effect on you. I love reading stories that make
Ever since controversial undergrad/Duke porn star Belle Knox announced she’d be headlining her first strip show in NYC on
They called it the “new” Times Square. I dodged tourists to get to work. There was always a man standing at the corner of
Palmer has fired back at an unflattering British tabloid review with a saucy strip-off protest song.
But State Rep. J.R. Claeys (R-Salina), a committee member who also voted against the bill, noted that there are roughly 25
As a kid, she'd always been comfortable with nudity. She had worked as an art model, and taking her clothes off never felt
Los Angeles gay nightlife became the backdrop to my world, which consisted of fast cash, alcohol, men, and sex. There was a certain amount of power that came with being on a stage.