The mystery performer was a familiar face for fans of '90s television.
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Although my readers do not come to this space to get ideas for vacations they may wish to take, many of my readers may be
Forget the shamers; instead let's high-five some awesome unicorn moms who cheer each other on.
This is going to make me sound grumpy and old. Like something out of an Arthur Hailey novel, muttering about the way commerce used to be. But, really, this is about (re)applying logic to how we structure, launch, fund, and run early-stage enterprises. Besides, I'm not old.
You are a shiny-haired, altruistic octopus with bodacious bazongas. This will be highly intimidating for the man person, but it is a good test of mettle. If he can't handle it, tell him there are plenty of other amoebas in the sea.
New research suggests that a species of unicorn-like horned rhinos went extinct much later than previously thought.
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The mythical creature was in fact a white pony wearing a pink horn.