University Of Central Florida

The "SNL" comedian went on an expletive-ridden tear during his show at the University of Central Florida.
Many colleges and universities are eager to become Hispanic-Serving Institutions, but advocates say the label can be hollow.
Central Florida’s Aaron Robinson appeared to collide head-on during the kickoff.
Griffin joins his twin brother Shaquil on the Seattle Seahawks.
Omar Delgado, 45, Greater Orlando, Florida. Pulse nightclub shooting, June 12, 2016. It was well after midnight when Omar
By Jim Clark UCF Forum columnist As students flood the campus to begin the new school year, there is one group that offers
The following is a guest post by María del Pilar Desangles, an Assistant Director at the Center for Community Service & Justice
By Rich Sloane UCF Forum columnist I’ve had lots of minor scrapes and bumps in my 73 years, but nothing of consequence in
By Michael Preston, UCF Forum columnist What would it take to create a more learning-efficient campus? What elements must
Nationwide, more than 60 percent of students work while attending college and more than one-quarter of students work full
While investors around the world digest the election's results, a central issue for them is how the outcome will affect their assets. But does how markets react tell us anything about the future as well?
Being an entrepreneur doesn't necessarily mean you need to be the one to create the next Facebook or Uber.
Major League Baseball was lily white, for players and management alike, until Jackie Robinson left the Negro Leagues to join the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. How much progress has been made toward the goal of diversity since then? Not enough.
Fifteen minutes of 911 recordings reveal virtually all the callers were reacting to stories they heard via text or on social media.