Adrian Kulp

Blogger & Author, "Dad Or Alive"

As a child, Adrian waved good-bye to his Mom from the school bus on his first day of kindergarten, went fishing with his Dad on the weekends and spent summers at the Jersey Shore. He collected Legos, joined the Boy Scouts and knocked his front tooth out chasing a fly ball. He was baptised in his parent’s church and became an older brother twice. He touched the Liberty Bell, made the front of the local newspaper planting a tree on Arbor Day and underwent surgery on his arm after being shot with a pellet rifle.

As a teenager, he worked on a farm, learned how to drive a tractor and rode endless miles on his BMX. He ran cross-country and had his first fistfight. He learned a second language and hosted a morning TV show. He took his drivers test in a station wagon, became the editor of his high school yearbook, kissed his first girlfriend while wearing braces and went to the prom.

Shortly after, he left for college, pledged a fraternity and went to 22 Phish shows. He had his nose broken twice, was mugged on spring break, got his tongue pierced and then bungee jumped head first into the Gulf of Mexico.

At age 21, things spiraled in a different direction. He gave the eulogy at his best friends funeral and crawled out of a burning apartment that took everything he owned.

He left Pennsylvania after totaling his truck, the only possession he had left. He spent four days on a one-way train from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and slept on a friend’s floor for two years. He watched every sunset for a year in Redondo Beach and learned how to surf in the Pacific Ocean. He bought a cherry red 1969 Volkswagen and moved into a warehouse on the grounds of a Pabst brewery turned artist community.
He’s stood on the Hoover Dam, kayaked through island caves and piloted a speedboat on Lake Mead. He’s climbed a 10,000+ foot peak and walked miles in waist-deep snow on top of the Smoky Mountains. He’s slept at the base of Sequoia trees and wore his first tuxedo to the American Comedy Awards. He’s shaken hands with Buzz Aldrin and smoked a cigar with Dave Matthews.

For seven years, he worked as an executive for Adam Sandler, helping to launch a successful television department. He went to his wedding and watched him become a father. He became one of the youngest advisory board members of the U.S. Comedy & Arts Festival in Aspen, was appointed as a judge at Montreal’s ‘Just For Laughs’ Festival, as well as numerous national comedy competitions. He became a fixture at the Improv, Laugh Factory and Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

While working at Happy Madison, he simultaneously held the position of comic booker at the ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on CBS. He brought close to fifty comics onto the show and gave half of them their first national TV spot doing stand-up.

He got engaged after meeting his wife, Jen, while she worked at Comedy Central and proposed to her on a Scrabble board. In 2008, they were married on the 30th floor of the State Room in Boston, overlooking the historic North End.

Soon after that, he left Happy Madison and CBS to become the VP of Development for Chelsea Handler’s Borderline Amazing Productions where he sold several shows to E! and helped develop ‘The Comedians of Chelsea Lately’ national comedy tour.

But then, once again, his whole world changed in an instant.

After coming home from a hefty night of partying at the Melrose Improv, Jen sobered him up by informing him that he was going to be a father. In October of 2009, they welcomed a beautiful little girl, Ava, to the world.

When Ava was ten weeks old, he unexpectedly left the entertainment and comedy world to became a full-time stay-at-home dad. As a creative outlet, he began writing about his adventures on his popular blog, ‘Dad or Alive’.

The stories garnered the attention of the William Morris Endeavor Agency, where he’s represented across the board, in LA, NY & DC. He sold his first book to NAL/Penguin Publishing and has a TV/Film deal with Sony Pictures and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison, currently developing the premise into a sitcom. He’s also working on a comedic parenting lecture from a dad’s non-expert point-of-view, based on his experiences thus far.

In July of 2011, the Kulps added another clown to the circus, welcoming their first son, Charlie, to the big tent.

His wife, now a SVP in reality TV, recently accepted a job in Silver Spring, Maryland. After 14 years in LA, they picked up and moved to the east coast, where Adrian remains the primary caretaker in a new environment, with no real friends (only imaginary), local family support system or knowledge of the area.

The day they moved into their new house, they endured the loss of their 1-year old niece, killed by a careless driver. The impact it’s had on their family has been cataclysmic, but strength in numbers has helped ease the recovery.

Adrian’s recently done the preschool tour, is still learning how to do laundry properly and adjusting to Charlie walking. Ava will be 3 in October and Charlie just turned 1. They reign terror on a daily basis, as he tries to find things for them to do, teach them how to share and integrate himself into the secret society of mommies.