Rajat Bhageria

Entrepreneur, Author, and Student at The Wharton School

I am an entrepreneur, digital nomad, book author, and a student at The Wharton School (UPenn). Having worked on multiple successful entrepreneurial endeavors while in school, I believe that college is one of the best times to startup. I am currently the Founder and CEO of ThirdEye Technologies, a non-profit commercializing a product that empowers visually impaired persons by telling them what they are looking at. Having been featured by TechCrunch, BBC, SIRIUSXM, USAToday, HuffingtonPost, and, Forbes recently described me as one of the "Fifteen Of The Brightest College Entrepreneurs" at colleges around America. If you're interested in hiring me as a speaker, you can reach me at @RajatBhageria,, and