Terrell Harris Dougan

Award-winning writer and author of That Went Well: Adventures in Caring For My Sister

Terrell Harris Dougan has been a homemaker, community volunteer, newspaper columnist, assistant to the Governor of Utah, a night club singer, a private pilot, a master gardener, a nature guide for children, a commercial actress, an amphibious fitness instructor, and a Brownie leader (her own daughter resigned from the troop). She has also been a humor columnist, and an author of two self-published books, which she had to deliver to bookstores and beg them to carry. Finally, she has one book published last January by Hyperion Books, entitled That Went Well: Adventures in Caring for My Sister. All of her careers can be summed up by the same phrase: That Went Well… She blames her rich and varied life on a short attention span and an apparent inability to make anything work as planned. She has been married to her husband Paul for over half a century, but you always have to keep looking. Her two daughters and their families live, inexplicably, five minutes from her. It may be they are afraid she will run off with her tango instructor, and they are sure that will not go well either.

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Terrell Harris Dougan worked for Good Housekeeping and Mademoiselle magazines in her high school and college days. She wrote an award-winning humor column for 13 years for Salt Lake City’s Deseret News. While rearing her children, she co-wrote and self-published This is the Place: A Guide to Salt Lake City. Later, she and two partners produced We Have Been There: A Guide for Families of People with Mental Retardation. One day Terrell’s younger sister Irene, whose brain was damaged at birth, picked up a packaged chicken and threw it at Terrell across the meat department in the grocery store. Thus began Terrell’s memoir, That Went Well: Adventures in Caring for My Sister, which Hyperion published in January of 2009. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband of 51 years, Paul Dougan, surrounded by children and grandchildren who live nearby. Irene lives just up the hill, and throws an item or two at Terrell every now and then, just for the hell of it.