Amy Schumer

The comedian asked other mothers to share their stories in a heartfelt post on Instagram.
The comedian said she's returning to work -- but not before this adorable Instagram moment.
The actress joked, “Don’t make me resent the baby,” after a couple missed late-night messages."
The comedian's hilarious video gets real about having hyperemesis gravidarum.
"I've always wanted to be mom shamed," the comedian and new mom joked.
The new mom gave birth to son Gene Attell Fischer on May 5.
The comedian is very open about her messy reality as a new mother.
"Milf alert 1 o’clock," the comedian captioned her hilarious picture on Sunday.
"Men are cool and whatever, but women are f**king warriors and capable of anything," the comedian shared.
Gene Attell Fischer just got a front row seat to his funny mom's life.
The comedian shared a photo of her latest checkup, and she was none too pleased.
The comic opened a window into their marriage in her Netflix comedy special.
“It’s a pretty specific experience," the "Girls" creator said.
“If you get engaged, Tati and I will be there," the photobombing comedian wrote on her Instagram.
"My sister in law. ... i can't thank her enough," Schumer wrote on Instagram with pictures of the creation.