Amy Schumer

"You guys good? To all of the people who commented on me. I’m so sorry I’m not prettier. Please forgive me," the comedian wrote to her followers.
"What point are you trying to make here?" one Instagram user wrote in response to the comedian's ill-received joke about the Oscar winner.
“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, smaller portions!’ Like, shut the f**k up,” the comedian said.
Schumer was initially set to play Barbie when Sony Pictures had the rights to the film in 2016.
The comedian said she missed a rehearsal for the show after her young son was hospitalized.
The comedian made the dig at the Maroon 5 singer amid cheating allegations.
"It’s what the Queen would have wanted," the comedian said about the return of the sketch series after a six-year hiatus.
The stand-up comedian said a recent Instagram video was intended to mock herself rather than the "Spider-Man" star.
Joe Jonas revealed he uses cosmetic injectables to maintain his youthful look.