Gigi Hadid

The "Real Housewives" alum says her "two almonds" line, in which she seemed to encourage disordered eating in daughter Gigi Hadid, is part of a "silly" narrative.
"You wish u had a percentage of her intellect," the supermodel said on the rapper's post attacking a Vogue editor.
Hadid's last post before her break was from October 2021, the same month that she accused Gigi Hadid’s then-boyfriend, Zayn Malik, of shoving her.
Rihanna never disappoints. Her new line of lingerie stole the show at New York Fashion Week.
We love when celebs get fired up. And we love it even more when it’s directed at body-shaming trolls.
The supermodel previously denied having cosmetic surgery, telling InStyle magazine in 2018 she "wouldn’t want to mess up my face."
The former One Direction singer was accused of grabbing Yolanda Hadid and shoving her against a dresser, according to court documents.
The former One Direction star pleaded no contest to harassment charges stemming from a physical altercation with Yolanda Hadid.
Gigi Hadid toted along an oversized baby bottle as she closed Thursday’s show in a one-armed gown featuring a pink elephant’s trunk.
A spokesperson for the hit show about an Indian American teenager said Teigen had "decided to step away" in the wake of an online bullying controversy.