Snoop Dogg

“You know you’re here for an hour, right?” asked Kimmel after he named the rapper's wants for his dressing room on Thursday.
Jeff Lynne, Glen Ballard, Teddy Riley and Taylor Swift collaborator Liz Rose also made the cut.
A video of the extremist House member strutting to one of the rapper’s hit songs ended with a locked Twitter account and a cease and desist letter.
The singer schooled the rap stars for using sexist terms in their music, Snoop recalled in a new CNN documentary.
One of the rapper's latest items includes a pet toy that plays clips from the rapper’s song “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?.”
The rap icon is seemingly undefeated when it comes to smoking the most joints in a day.
Whether it’s Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner meeting in Game of Thrones auditions, Titanic making BFFs out of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, or John Travolta and his buddy Pitbull getting matching hairstyles, Hollywood has formed some of the strongest - and most unlikely - friendships.
The West Coast rapper offered up some ganja in the name of an Alzheimer’s charity, according to the actor.
The two rappers performed as Bored Ape NFTs in a colorful, psychedelic performance during the MTV award show on Sunday.
A mere mention of the former president caused Foxx to mimic him during a Rap Radar podcast this week.