Snoop Dogg

The blooper reel from the rapper’s Tokyo highlights program with actor Kevin Hart has some real doozies.
The rap star tackled the dressage in Tokyo and F-bombs were dropped.
The musician, asked what his celebrity buddies were like when they lit up, had a funny tidbit about the "SNL" comedian.
The rapper's "Toy Story" costume went viral on Reddit.
"I came in this room and everything went bad," a furious Snoop yelled after he was stomped in a game of "Madden NFL 21."
The rapper's new ink is a tribute to the NBA team, which just took home its 17th championship title, and the iconic player who tragically died in January.
Jada Pinkett Smith told the rapper that the CBS host had also been invited to take a seat at the red table.
In a teaser for the upcoming episode of “Red Table Talk,” Smith tells the rapper her “heart dropped” when she heard his remarks about the CBS anchor.
In an upcoming episode of "Red Table Talk," Smith told the rapper that her "heart dropped" when she heard what he'd said about the CBS anchor.
The rapper had warned the CBS host to "back off" Kobe Bryant "before we come get you."