12 Cookbooks To Give As Gifts This Holiday Season

Get away from the internet and crack open a beautiful cookbook to find your next hit meal.

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The best cookbooks to give as gifts, from cookbooks for kids to cookbooks for people who barely cook.

People who love to cook often have endless boards full of Pinterest recipes. While the platform is a great way to find new Instant Pot recipes and can teach you how to nail spaghetti carbonara once and for all, there’s just something refreshing about stepping away from the internet and opening a beautiful, physical cookbook.

Whether you’re looking for new cookbooks for yourself or are shopping for someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, we’ve rounded up 12 cookbooks for your gift-giving needs this year. Pair any of these with a nice bottle of olive oil, an eye-catching but perfectly functional apron, or even the Swedish dishcloth everyone is talking about for a truly memorable gift.

Better still, we’ve broken down your cookbook recos by lifestyle and personality, so there’s something for every kind of chef, including junior and amateur.

Take a look:

Cookbooks For Beginners And Busy People
"The Instant Pot Cookbook" — As advertised, this is the official tome for all of your Instant Pot needs, meaning you can get this book out and get a meal on the table in no time flat (even if the kitchen isn’t typically your setting for masterpieces). Get it on Amazon.

"Skinnytaste One and Done: 140 No Fuss Dinners" — In this book, Skinnytaste blogger and author Gina Homolka has gathered her favorite easy, healthy and tasty recipes for one pot, Instant Pot, crockpot and sheet-pan meals. With these recipes, clean up is made simple. Get it on Amazon.
Cookbooks For Baking
"Flour Water Salt Yeast" — The go-to for pastry chefs everywhere, this no-nonsense approach to breads, baking and more shows that the foundation of some of our favorite treats is as simple as flour, water, salt and yeast. Get it on Amazon.

"Dessert For Two: Small Batch Cookies, Brownies, Pies, and Cakes" — We all get hankerings for something sweet, but we’re ready to eschew the Pinterest-beloved mug cake for good. Want to do that without turning your kitchen into a veritable cookie factory? Enter: “Dessert for Two”. Get it on Amazon.
Cookbooks For Kids
Barnes And Noble
"The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs" — Steward their love of cooking from a young age. This collection of more than 100 recipes for young chefs is an excellent entry point for the entire family. They’ll enjoy cooking these meals almost as much as they’ll enjoy eating them. Get it on Amazon.

"The International Cookbook for Kids" — Just as young brains can learn new languages better than the average adult, young palates are ripe for a taste of international cuisines. Don’t just assume “they won’t like that,” but instead, get them involved in the kitchen by whipping up some international delicacies! Get it on Amazon.
Cookbooks Designed For Men
"The Dude Diet" — This book is all about fighting the stereotype that men simply aren’t into eating healthy foods. What started out as a fun challenge to make healthier versions of the food her “dude” loved led author Serena Wolf to creating nutrient-dense dishes that are almost as good as bar nachos or takeout Chinese. Get it on Amazon.

"A Man, a Can, a Plan: 50 Great Guy Meals Even You Can Make" — For guys who know almost nothing about cooking, this is a perfect addition to a stocking or a dorm room care package. Get it on Amazon.

Cookbook You'll Keep Reaching For
"Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food for Having People Over" — Basically every recipe “New York Times” food columnist Alison Roman develops goes viral. Her newest book, “Nothing Fancy,” is like an all-access pass to of her stunning-yet-relaxed recipes. Reach for this book any time you’re entertaining and you’ll wow every guest or resident in your home. Get it on Amazon.

"Cravings: Hungry for More" — You probably already follow her on Twitter, so it only makes sense to bring Chrissy Teigen’s humor and love of food into your home with the new follow-up to her much-loved debut cookbook, "Cravings". Get it on Amazon.

"Half Baked Harvest Cookbook" — In this go-to cookbook, seemingly elaborate dishes become incredibly accessible thanks to this beautiful collection of recipes from author Tieghan Gerard. Get it on Amazon.

"Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook" — Here’s a plant-based book that’ll make even the most veggie-skeptical diner a fan. Thug Kitchen makes vegetarian and vegan attainable by mixing in irreverent humor in the most unexpected way. Get it on Amazon.
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