Andrew Cuomo Goes Full ‘Taxi Driver’ At Robert De Niro Playing Him In Coronavirus Movie

The New York governor joked about using one of De Niro's most iconic lines on a journalist during his next pandemic briefing.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) channeled one of Robert De Niro’s most iconic characters after finding out that the actor wants to play him in an eventual movie chronicling the coronavirus pandemic.

After De Niro made the revelation on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Late Show,” Cuomo responded on Thursday’s episode.

“I am a big De Niro fan. He is just phenomenal — the breadth of his ability. I mean, just look at all the roles he has played. He can do anything,” Cuomo told host Stephen Colbert, naming some of De Niro’s famous films.

The governor then joked about going full “Taxi Driver” on a reporter at his next coronavirus press briefing, imitating De Niro’s character Travis Bickle’s legendary line: “You talking to me?”

“Oh boy, that would be a treat. I’m a big De Niro fan. He’s a genius,” Cuomo said.

Check out the interview here:

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