Bushwig 2015 Brought 100s Of Drag Queens — And Lots Of Love — To Brooklyn

Four years in, the festival is already encroaching on legendary status.

Hundreds of people packed an open, grassy space in Brooklyn, New York over the weekend for an event that has become synonymous with queer performance culture in this part of the metropolis: Bushwig.

The annual festival of drag, music and love celebrated its fourth run from September 13 - 15, moving from the neighborhood punk staple venue known as Secret Project Robot to a massive outdoor venue called the Onderdonk House

Despite the gloomy weather, people came out in droves to witness this incredible cultural moment for so many of the queer artists navigating Northern Brooklyn. The two-day festival showcased over 150 performers from around the world -- a far departure from the 30 performers featured in the first Bushwig in 2012.

One of the most significant moments came early on from drag icon Lady Bunny, founder of the legendary Wigstock festival that has shaped and informed the development of Bushwig.

While on stage, Bunny gave a Statue of Liberty-style torch to Horrorchata, co-founder of Bushwig, alongside Babes Trust, in a symbolic gesture of "passing on the torch" from Wigstock to Bushwig.

She joked that the prop still had the tag from Halloween mega-store Abracadabra.

Among those who attended the event, the common consensus seemed to be that 2015 proved to be the most successful Bushwig yet. 

"In New York it is the ultimate challenge to balance making your own art as well as enjoying all of your peers' work in dance, theater, drag, music and beyond, and Bushwig comes in and gathers them all in one place and all in one weekend," 2015 Brooklyn Nightlife Drag Queen of the Year Untitled Queen told The Huffington Post. "It is so beautiful to see all the smiling faces of your friends as they prepare to perform, look through a rack of Alotta McGriddles' gems, trip over Lady Simon tied to a tree, and be photo bombed by Horrorchata's Marcos wig all on a gorgeous open lawn reminiscent of a mini-golf course. Although Bushwig, now in it's fourth incarnation, has grown in its roster and venue size, it still retains all the magic of being homegrown, DIY, and Brooklyn-made. I was just a drag baby when Bushwig started, and I remember not even realizing what I was a part of in the moment -- which I think is part of its spell."

Check out photos from the 2015 Bushwig festival below courtesy of photographer Santiago Felipe.

Congrats, Horrorchata and Babes!

Bushwig 2015