Mexico Gives Conan O’Brien A Taste Of Donald Trump’s Medicine

"Clearly, they're not sending us their best."

Conan O’Brien relocated his show to Mexico on Wednesday ― and used its cold open to take aim at President Donald Trump’sextreme vetting” process for immigrants applying to enter America.

In the spoof clip, Mexican border agents put O’Brien through a similar vetting procedure as he attempted to enter their country.

“Clearly they’re not sending us their best,” quipped one as O’Brien showed them footage of his show in a bid to prove he’s a comedian. “You might just be one of those ‘bad hombres.’”

O’Brien admitted the Trump administration had caused some tension between the countries as he tried to placate them.

But he added, “You can’t lump all Americans into one group. That’s not fair. That’s stereotyping!”

The agents then decided he truly is a comedian, and let him through.

Check out the full segment above.

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