Donald Trump Jr. Teases Future Run For Office: ‘I Definitely Enjoy The Fight’

Donald Trump's eldest son, who enjoys sharing inappropriate memes of his dad online, won't rule it out.

Donald Trump Jr. — the eldest son of Donald Trump who likes to spectacularly self-own and share Pornhub-inspired and other strange memes of his father online — has teased a future run for office in a new interview.

Trump Jr. told Bloomberg Radio host Kevin Cirilli on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Sound On” that he would “never want to rule” out a shot at becoming an elected representative.

He did not say which office, however.

I definitely enjoy the fight,” he said. “I definitely like being out there and I love being able to see the impact and the difference that it makes on these people’s lives that I get to see all over the country.”

Late-night television hosts including Jimmy Kimmel have recently ribbed Trump Jr.’s possible political aspirations as rumors swirled that he may throw his hat into the ring with a run for president as soon as 2024.

Trump Jr. added to the speculation himself in February when he shared this post as an Instagram story:

But the 41-year-old told Cirilli there was plenty of time for him to get into politics, noting how his father entered the game as a serious candidate at 68.

And if it’s a run for the White House he’s contemplating, he may have to wait in line behind his sister Ivanka Trump ― who reportedly harbors ambitions to become the first female POTUS.

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