'He's Such A Dick': Jimmy Kimmel Gets Trump's New Book And Has All The Spoilers

Kimmel reveals the strangest moments in Trump's $99 new book.

Donald Trump has been hawking a new book featuring letters sent to him over the years ― but Jimmy Kimmel is offering to save would-be readers the steep $99 retail price.

The late-night host broke out a copy of the ex-president’s book during his Tuesday night monologue to show what’s really inside.

“He’s been talking about this letter from Hillary [Clinton] that’s gonna be so embarrassing. It’s a signed form letter thanking him for a donation,” Kimmel pointed out. “The guy who calls every Republican who doesn’t like him a RINO supported and donated money to Gov. Cuomo, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.”

That’s not the only odd page in the book.

“He invited George W. Bush to the Miss Teen USA pageant,” Kimmel noted. “For real. Bush wrote back: ‘Unfortunately Laura and I are booked that day.’”

The former president also has some gripes about actor Alec Baldwin, a persistent critic who did a stinging impression of Trump on “Saturday Night Live.”

“He says when Alec Baldwin was young he loved him, he said he would beg Trump to let him play him in a movie about his life,” Kimmel said. “Instead he played him on a TV show about his life.”

Trump even brought up the fatal shooting on the set of “Rust.”

“He said he found it very hard to believe Alec Baldwin didn’t know the gun was loaded ― he wrote this in the book,” Kimmel said. “He’s such a dick. He really is.”

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:

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