Samantha Bee Stunned By 'Gossipy Little Bitch' Mark Meadows' Text Messages

"Damn! Mark Meadows, you are messy,” she said. “Delete my number!”

Samantha Bee called out Mark Meadows, who was White House chief of staff under Donald Trump, after 2,319 of his text messages revealed how deep he and other key Republicans were involved in the plot to overturn the election and stop Joe Biden from becoming president.

“More than 2,000 text messages!” Bee said on “Full Frontal” on Thursday night. “This proves definitively that Mark Meadows is a gossipy little bitch.”

The messages included Fox News host Sean Hannity taking orders from the White House on how to help with voter turnout on Election Day, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) pleading for talking points after the election and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) calling for “Marshall” law.

“Marshall’s Law, as everyone knows, is that no one should pay retail prices for quality yoga pants,” Bee cracked.

Bee also noted that Meadows still has more than 1,000 messages that he hasn’t turned over.

“Damn! Mark Meadows, you are messy,” she said. “Delete my number!”

Bee urged the Jan. 6 committee to push forward with its investigation.

“If there’s one thing these texts prove it’s that it doesn’t matter to Republicans if they know for a fact that Joe Biden won the election,” she said. “What matters is these human bumper stickers are more than willing to use lies and a violent base to both take and keep power.”

And she warned that if they’re not held accountable, it’ll happen again:

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