Shep Smith Zaps Trump-Trudeau Feud: 'Maybe We Need A Northern Wall'

Meanwhile, the GOP's response is "crickets," Smith said.

Fox NewsShep Smith had a snarky thing or two to say after President Donald Trump insulted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau amid a trade spat between their two countries.

“Maybe we need a northern wall,” Smith joked in his program on Monday, after praising Canada as “our biggest trading partner in all the world, our best friend from way back in World War II and every time in between.”

Trump labeled Trudeau “meek and mild” and accused him of making “false statements” ― which he didn’t describe in any detail ― after Trudeau said following the Group of Seven summit that Canadians “will not be pushed around” on trade. White House trade adviser Peter Navarro later said there was a “special place in hell” for Trudeau.

Roll Call senior editor David Hawkings, a guest on Smith’s show, cited a prior statement by Trump’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who said Trump is “not going to permit any show of weakness on a trip to negotiate with North Korea.” Trump’s “particularly bellicose, angry, threatening, infuriated response” was actually a message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ahead of their summit,” Hawkings argued. 

The president wanted to communicate that he “wouldn’t be pushed around” and was willing to “kick one of our longest and best allies in the teeth” to make his point, Hawkings explained.

Smith responded that Trump “has been kicking allies in the teeth” his entire presidency.

The president’s verbal fisticuffs with Trudeau “seems to be the latest example of ‘Who woulda thunk it?’” Hawkings said. “It’s not normal, we never see these things before, but here we go again.” 

As for the GOP response to Trump’s behavior, Smith characterized it as “crickets so far.”

“In fact, crickets are noisy compared to them at the moment,” he quipped.

Hear what Hawkings has to say about schoolyard bullies below. The Trudeau segment begins at 15:56.