The request, reported by multiple outlets, comes amid heightened security in response to a another potential extremist plot to attack the Capitol complex.
One America News claims an architect hired by George Washington is responsible for the mob.
A dinosaur hungry for Super Bowl players, a D.C. snowball fight and remembering a Capitol Police officer in this week's best images.
"I truly appreciate all that you do," the first lady told the troops stationed at the U.S. Capitol.
Some 25,000 National Guard troops from around the country were due in the District of Columbia in the coming days.
War-like imagery is spreading in Republican circles post-Capitol riot. Democrats believe isn't an accident.
The social network will now prohibit ads for gun safes, vests, and gun holsters, which comes after the Capitol riot.
U.S. Capitol Police arrested Wesley Allen Beeler, who had an unauthorized inaugural badge and a loaded handgun on him, reports said.
Many who stormed the Capitol appeared to employ tactics, body armor, and technology similar to the police they battled.
At least four carriers are imposing additional regulations after the FAA enacted a "zero-tolerance policy" for unruly passengers.