Death Row

"Brandon Bernard was a different person from the teenager arrested over 20 years earlier. Up until the end, he did not think he would be executed because he knew he had reformed."
The 48-year-old Maryland man maintained his innocence up until his death. He was the 13th and final person executed during Trump’s term.
Corey Johnson and Dustin Higgs have argued that lung damage from their recent COVID-19 diagnoses will make their executions more torturous.
After an unprecedented execution spree, the administration hopes to end the lives of three people this week — including two recovering from COVID-19.
Lisa Montgomery, a mentally ill victim of extreme childhood abuse, will be executed on Jan. 12 unless Trump or the Supreme Court intervenes.
Judge: DOJ unlawfully rescheduled the Jan. 12 execution of Lisa Montgomery, a mentally ill victim of sex trafficking.
The outbreak on death row comes after a wave of executions that many warned could be superspreader events.
Bernard, sentenced to death for acting as an accomplice to a crime when he was 18, is scheduled to be killed weeks before President Trump leaves office.
Lawyers for Lisa Montgomery are asking the president to delay her execution until they recover from COVID-19, which they contracted after visiting her in prison.
In Trump’s final days in office, Lisa Montgomery — a mentally ill victim of sex trafficking — is set to be the first woman the U.S. executes in 70 years.