Angelica Ross

The "Pose" star is set to take over the lead role of merry murderess Roxie Hart in the smash musical in September.
On "Fierce," the dance-pop singer teams up with Mila Jam and Angelica Ross to encourage listeners to “be legendary, be necessary [and] extraordinary.”
“I would love to not be in fear for my safety day in and day out.” In 2020, a record number of Black transgender women were killed in the U.S., part of a horrifying pattern of hate crimes against them that has been growing.
The actress isn’t waiting for her debut on Ryan Murphy-helmed series Pose to speak her mind.
My excitement and anticipation to finally see the conversation on television turned into me feeling hurt and further silenced by the end of the episode. My story -- and the story of TransTech -- had been truncated down to the fact that I had once been involved with sex work.
Being authentic and true to myself was my decision and now I live in my own truth. My sisters and brothers lets strive to be the best citizens we can be and show our communities we are just people trying to live in our own truth.
I hear words like "lucky" used when people describe my life and all the amazing things that are starting to happen for me. I reject that notion.