The controversial YouTuber grabbed the boxing legend’s hat and taunted him schoolboy-style by saying, “Gotcha hat!”
The YouTuber boxer said the "SNL" comedian won't be invited to be a commentator for the next bout.
The "Saturday Night Live" star took down the YouTube personality with some brutal barbs.
The middleweight boxing great's title reign and career ended with a split-decision loss to “Sugar” Ray Leonard in 1987.
Spinks also won the light heavyweight division at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, beating Sixto Soria of Cuba in an upset.
The ex-New York Knick was brutally humbled by the controversial YouTuber in a boxing match.
"We officially got the real ball rolling," the Oscar-winning actor said of his long-planned movie about the ex-boxing champ.
The retired boxing legend, who has not met the Floyd family, will handle costs for the funeral as well as other expenses, a representative said.
The former boxing champ's big moment at a televised pro wrestling match hit a snag.
The tennis champ let her fists fly in a cross-training workout with the former heavyweight champ.