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25 games unbeaten (but 12 draws) is an impressive record. It would have been more impressive had some of those draws, particularly
I’m never quite sure what to think of these sayings. Did God give me special treasures to make me special?  Did he give me
We love that players of all ages and all skill levels can play together and still have a great time playing 5 Minute Dungeon
Judgment, inferences, analysis, and playing the odds are the essentials of good bridge. Unlike in chess, inferences in bridge
This game sounds like it was made by a 6 year old. As it turns out, I was right. Miranda Evarts, the lead developer, was
That’s because Canada-based designer Dawson Whitfield has, in a stroke of pure genius, created a free online version of the
What can we do to support our ability to play well into old age? Isn't it time to develop new games for older adults that go beyond such stimulating staples as Bingo?
Along with dealing with defiant teens, adjusting to empty nests, and struggling through divorces - not to mention the plotting