"Is Ms. Sorenson "a racist?" I don't know her but I tend to doubt it. But can a person who is not a racist be guilty of saying or doing something racially insensitive or offensive? Absolutely."
GOP Chair Linda Sorenson issued an apologized for sharing an offensive Facebook meme. But she also complained that "the left is only about tolerance when they are demanding that YOU tolerate their latest nutty idea, and if you don't like it, then you're automatically a 'racist.'"
 ...we've received several letters scolding us, in essence, for not sanitizing the news. While we're not thrilled for being
Delta County GOP chair Linda Sorenson, who's been the focus of national media attention after sharing a racist Facebook meme comparing Obama to a chimpanzee, has apparently shared or "liked" material in the same vein in the past.
Foxie gave birth again and again, but all four of her babies, including a set of twins, were taken away from her just after
Foxie is a rescued chimpanzee living at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in Cle Elum, WA. Foxie loves troll dolls and carries one or more of them with her wherever she goes. For more on Foxie and the other chimps living at the sanctuary:
Detroit Zoo chimp Jo Mendi signs a check in the Community Fund Drive, with William Wachs (l) and trainer Theodore Schneider
Over on the website for the Humane Society of the United States, six chimpanzees from across the country are competing for
By: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Published: 02/23/2013 08:54 PM EST on LiveScience 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind
While social learning of tool use has been seen in chimps before, "it has never really been shown for communication before
The researchers explored a couple of potential explanations for policing. For instance, policing might help high-ranking
"When humans learned to control fire and to domesticate dogs we began to feel a new level of safety which freed us to become
The first two Presidents on 24 were Black men. The first was assassinated and the second was responsible for allowing nuclear bombs into the country, causing mass destruction.
Did the New York Post simply screw up, fail to take into account possible perceptions, and then get clubbed by a few shrewd competitors who saw a good opportunity? We'll never know.