cognitive dissonance

Here’s why he and his supporters don’t care that his Clinton claims make no sense.
America must understand that Black Lives Matter is a movement born from the human spirit seeking community, harmony, and flourishing. It is biblical in its cause, revolutionary in its spirit, and democratic in its goals.
How is this a problem for scientific progress? What if she's on the path to a revolutionary idea? CIAT, CC BY-SA 'But that's
Are some of these people crazy? Possibly. As I've written before, there is a fine line, and a few criterions, between what
Donald Trump's voters have been ridiculed for their willingness to overlook his inconsistencies and lies, but this is what all voters do once they've become committed to a particular candidate. Cognitive dissonance theory explains why.
Other techniques can help people show up a second time. Repeated engagements over time can build trust as participants come
You as a parent always have an edge in evaluating your own child because you hold the key to his history. The important thing to remember is to be objective through empathy, and to not use defense which can cause projection to influence your objectivity through projection.
It's disingenuous that nobody walks in LA--we have a become a stroller's paradise, with art walks abounding in every neighborhood.
When aliens didn’t arrive in spaceships to save Keech and her followers on Dec. 21, 1954, as she predicted, it did not, at
With the economy improving and adding millions of jobs a year, HuffPost asked Republicans if they still believe that Obamacare is a job killer.