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Employees of 24 publications, including Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Men's Health, will join Writers Guild of America, East.
In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, the presidential hopeful revealed a less-than-ideal skin care routine. His husband, Chasten, was having none of it.
“I felt like I was going to get raped," explained the 30-year-old singer and songwriter in an interview with Cosmopolitan UK.
“The real world took another step toward its slow and sure conversion to The Handmaid’s Tale this week,” a Vogue editor responded.
What we see in the media matters. Narratives that include well-rounded transgender characters are important because they help us feel less alone and reveal more expansive endings than the ones we may previously have envisioned for ourselves.
Unlike those who've taken to social media to express their disgust over Cosmopolitan Magazine's crowing of the Kardashians as "America's First Family," I've failed to understand the big to-do about the headline on the cover of their November issue. Love or hate them, the Kardashians embody what our country has come to represent to the rest of the world; vanity and excess.
In the spirit of political sisters DeGeneres and Clinton, if breaking the glass ceiling and taking your place at the executive office conference room table is one of your goals right now, take note of these pointers from your politician sisters.
Demi, as you said so eloquently in your Instagram, there is nothing wrong with the female body, even naked.
Comedian Megan MacKay turned to a palate of rainbow eyeshadow to show her excitement. In a new video for
Supermodel Joan Smalls even joined the chorus of offended readers and Cosmo responded with an apology. Many readers remain
We'll take our seven-minute orgasms without a side unintended pregnancy, thanks. H/T The New Republic Beyond electoral politics
The magazine criticized the inconsistent positions that Brown has taken on abortion issues: "Brown said he disapproved of
Something very exciting is happening at the number one women's glossy. For the first time Cosmopolitan is endorsing political candidates. Basically, the editors now have your back on what colors are in this fall and what names you should be checking in the voting booths next month.
It's clear enough that personhood was one of the foundational building blocks of his climb to Congress, proving Keith Mason correct and shedding light on the short-term gain GOP candidates encounter by joining with anti-abortion activists.
As an Israeli-American fashion journalist, I'd like to view the latest Cosmopolitan cover as a fleeting symbol of optimism and momentary sanity, a celebration of two countries I belong to now.
The written word is a vehicle for social change. The stroke of a pen can incite a call to action against unquestioned forms of injustice. For decades, journalism has been used as a medium to advance women's rights movements.
After centuries of being objectified, our chief feminist demand, as reflected by the stars we've elevated to celebrity status, is the right to be sexy. This is, to put it bluntly, farcically sad.