This hair-hack styling ribbon can give you curls so good, you will want to say goodbye to your curling iron forever.
Take it from Andrea K. Castillo, a Brooklyn-based entrepreneur and model who's got the art down to a science.
High-end texture services are back in style. I am proud to be on the front line of the trend, and to be part of a healthy, free-spirited, and unrepressed approach to beauty.
When I was pregnant with our second child I wanted a little girl so badly that I felt guilty. Our first born was a son and I longed for a baby girl I could put ribbons and lace on. I dreamed about what she would look like. In my dreams she had big blue eyes and black, curly hair.
Happy Mother's Day! Yara Shahidi (tag) and her mom make a super dope mommy-daughter duo we all love and admire.
Put that brush down! Each time you run a brush through your hair, you destroy the curls.
Curly hair and rain are about as compatible as fire and ice. Sure, there are plenty of products that claim to shield hair from every trace of humidity, but show me one of these alleged "game changers," and I'll show you some unhappy, frizzy testers. Being a curly-haired girl myself, I feel your pain. So I talked to a few experts and tested their advice on this rainy week.