Donald Trump continued his campaign against American democracy by saying that he still hasn’t made a decision about whether or not to accept the results of November’s election.
The Iraq invasion didn't go as she had expected.
I worry that his version of "religious freedom" only protects the religious right, but does not protect me, nor my husband, and certainly not most Americans.
"I've never actually really discussed that in depth..."
A long line of former news anchors, weather forecasters and medical reporters all joined in the party, sitting in director's chairs on the set.
"I’m touched by it, because I know now she did what she did, leaving in the way that she did, because she had to protect her daughter."
“It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I shouldn’t have raised my hand to her.”
We have only one excited response to that: The newest cast of "Dancing With the Stars" is maybe the most fetch cast yet. "Dancing