goal setting

Tony Robbins says that if you don't schedule it, don't expect it to happen. Of course things are going to happen this year
It is also important to create a plan to achieve your goals. For instance, the plan to lose 10 kilograms would be to walk
I took two years off between high school and college to be a full-time musician, writing songs, and touring with my band
Really, it is as simple as that!!! Now there are so many ways to make money and at a low cost to earn. You need to research
But when all the "stuff" slows down and our minds drift back over the past year, consider the goals you set at the start
We all run low on steam sometimes. Next time you need to get off your caboose, think of the classic children's tale of "The
Find at least three pieces of data. Write the numbers in your freelance journal, and then write the story behind each number
You may remember that what really matters to you is: Love. Integrity. Inner peace. Personal growth. Happiness. True connection. Mindfulness. Gifts that matter. Minimalism. Friendship. Forgiveness. Patience. Authenticity. And personal power.
P.S. For additional resources, check out this workbook with exercises on finding meaning and purpose using science-based
Imagine all the possibilities you would create in your life right now if you simply chose today instead of choosing to continue