Kent State shootings

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer released a dramatic new concert video for "Ohio" that includes footage from recent school shootings.
The student who posted the photo called Carrey's depiction "disgusting."
By John Grabowski, Case Western Reserve University In 1997, a student I taught while I was a Fulbright scholar in Turkey
The Department of the Interior recognized 24 new sites on Wednesday.
I departed believing that the tragedy at Kent State 45 years ago could have occurred at any number of campuses across the country. Should you wish to visit, the small town of Kent is 30-miles southeast of Cleveland, just off the Ohio Turnpike that crosses northern Ohio from east to west.
It was May 4, 1970. We were high school seniors in Greater Cleveland, when Kent State exploded on a Monday, a mere 45 miles away, 45 years ago. Four students killed, nine wounded by National Guard gunfire. It's as if it were yesterday.
Thank you for letting me reminisce about my earlier speech to KSU grads. Perhaps some of the parents in the room can relate
KENT -- A visitor center depicting the 1970 Kent State University shootings that killed four students and describing the
Many students who were scheduled to graduate in 1970 and were instead forced to leave campus are holding celebrations in