Kieran Culkin

“Put it in the Louvre,” a social media user said about an image of the actor's reaction in a resurfaced video.
“I’m gonna have a panic attack and I’m gonna leave."
The "Succession" star truly arrived as his sarcastic, uncomfortable self tonight.
The actors were participating in a SAG Awards Zoom panel when Pascal busted out a “psychotic example” of how he memorizes a script.
The "Succession" star previously revealed he doesn't even like calling this person his "ex."
The "Succession" star won big on Monday — and made a *very* public ask.
The “Last of Us” star had some unexpected choice words at the 75th Emmy awards.
The "Succession" star's speech got off to a chaotic start and just kept going.
“Well, that’s a lot of trust," the "Succession" star responded to Pascal's tale following his time on "Game of Thrones."