Chair pose certainly burns -- it works your quads, hamstrings and core all at once -- but if you're ready to kick things
Better balance and a more toned tush can both be yours. In the video above from the experts at Udaya, yoga instructor Rudy
Some write yoga off as a non-workout, claiming it's too slow and calming to really get the blood pumping. The plank sequence
Yoga and working out are both physical, of course, but the biggest thing that takes yoga to that next level is your intention. If you're consumed with the idea of "working out," burning calories and getting skinny, you're sacrificing your mind for your body. Why not engage both?
You don't need dumbbells or a bench press to work out your arms. In fact, you don't need anything at all. In the video above
This yoga sequence can help to reverse the damage your body experiences from sitting all day long. You'll be moving in ways