Maybe it hit you when you couldn't stop doodling his name in your notebook. Or when you couldn't get that ramen-like, gel
Thankfully, The CW has renewed "Nikita" for a fourth and final season of six episodes, so HuffPost TV caught up with showrunner
Though there was plenty of action in this week's "Nikita," the episode still felt a little akin to the calm before the storm, allowing us all to take a collective breath before delving headfirst into the final three episodes of the season.
Although Season 3's earlier entries were more self-contained, to enable new viewers to jump on board, "Nikita" has been on an unbroken hot streak since "Intersection," raising the stakes and ramping up the action with each new installment.
Now that Division is no longer government funded, I'd imagine that will present its own set of problems ... Yes it does. It
Michael (Shane West) and Owen (Devon Sawa) are still sniping at each other this week. Will those crazy kids ever work things
Things are about to get even messier on "Nikita." Michael's loss continues to drive the narrative momentum, but it's clear that things are being teed up for something even bigger.
Owen [Devon Sawa] is now Nikita's partner in the field, and he obviously cares about her as a friend, whether or not there's
This week's episode sees Owen and Nikita out in the field. What else can you preview about it? Michael, because of this situation
It was a pleasure to see two such well-crafted episodes in a row, and it seems as though Michael's situation will create plenty of compelling conflict and character growth for a number of our characters over the next few episodes.
Anything else you can tease in broad strokes about what's coming up later in the season? You’re going to see a lot of Amanda
This week's "Nikita" left me torn -- while there was a lot to love about the episode (Isaiah Mustafa! Crazy Amanda! Badass Sean!) there were also a few moments that felt jarring at best, and irritating at worst.
Even after a two-week break and a shift into a new (old) timeslot, "Nikita" didn't miss a beat with this week's stellar installment, proving that the creative team hasn't lost the magic formula that made Season 2 so epic.