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Spoiler Alert: Do not read on unless you've seen the Season 3 finale of "Nikita," titled "Til Death Do Us Part." Owen's (Devon
Though there was plenty of action in this week's "Nikita," the episode still felt a little akin to the calm before the storm, allowing us all to take a collective breath before delving headfirst into the final three episodes of the season.
Although Season 3's earlier entries were more self-contained, to enable new viewers to jump on board, "Nikita" has been on an unbroken hot streak since "Intersection," raising the stakes and ramping up the action with each new installment.
Now that Division is no longer government funded, I'd imagine that will present its own set of problems ... Yes it does. It
I feel like introducing the tech for Michael's hand is a believable step in that direction. Yeah, we’ve had some tech and