transgender day of remembrance

Statehouse victories for Republicans this month are resonating for transgender people as they mark Sunday’s Transgender Day of Remembrance.
The congresswoman read each of their names out loud in a speech ahead of Transgender Day of Remembrance.
“This year, at least 46 transgender individuals in this country — and hundreds more around the world — were killed in horrifying acts of violence,” Biden said.
On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honor the 22 transgender and gender non-conforming people killed so far this year.
On Transgender Day of Remembrance and beyond, feminists need to step it up.
The 17-year-old has been successfully fighting for his right to use the bathroom that aligns with his gender.
In 1999 a handful of transgender people sought to highlight the need for awareness around anti-transgender violence. To that end, we held the first Transgender Day of Remembrance event in the Castro district of San Francisco, holding the names of those we'd lost in silent testimony.