university of missouri protests

Melissa Click's actions "did not meet expectations for a university faculty member," the school said.
Apparently, they carried the "exercising their First Amendment rights" thing too far.
State legislators are upset that a professor tried to keep reporters from covering a protest. They also just passed a rule to ban reporters from the state Senate floor.
Republican state lawmakers had pressured the University of Missouri to end its relationship with the provider.
Today, because of the growing masses of the disenfranchised and the dissatisfied, the societal structures that have given sanctuary to systemic racism in our nation are beginning to fall down. It is falling down not only under the weight of its own shoddy construction, but it is being aided in its fall by a generation that refuses to take this anymore.
Students who don't feel comfortable with law enforcement can contact the civil rights organization.
Since you have now completed Being Black At A PWI 101, this means that I am able to be frank with all of you. I am hoping that I can give to you the Black Student Handbook that your orientation leader was unable to offer you on that glorious hot summer day.
The Missouri student arrested this week after making threats via the app wasn't the first to be unmasked.
The University of Missouri on Tuesday increased campus security following threats of violence in the wake of protests that triggered the ouster of two top university leaders.