U.S. prisons

Shaka Senghor's story is exactly why America needs to stop turning its back on prisoners.
More than 2 million people are caged in a sprawling system of jails, prisons and detention centers.
“It comes down to what the president has said many times before: Simply, some people make mistakes.”
While thinking of how best to send money, it's also important to keep in mind how much the inmate may really need - not enough money, and they could do without some essential hygiene products, too much, and they could be targets for others, although the amount they are able to access weekly may be limited.
The White House reviews the many ways in which our criminal justice system is failing.
An overwhelming number of voters want to reform the federal justice system, a new poll finds.
The president shortened more sentences Friday than he has in his entire presidency.
To shrink the prison population, we'll need to think a lot bigger than nonviolent drug offenders.
IOWA PARK, Texas — Silvestre Segovia had vowed many times over that he would never return to solitary confinement.
More than 130 police chiefs, prosecutors and sheriffs — including some of the most prominent law enforcement officials in