War on coal

Republicans are already legislating against Donald Trump's promises to buy American steel and protect U.S. coal miners, Democrats say, pointing to two new GOP moves that cut against Trump.
As they campaign in coal country, this policy embodies the difference between the two candidates.
Another one of its biggest allies has started pulling away.
Last week, Mitch McConnell, Republican leader of the U.S. Senate, accepted the Washington Coal Club's Annual Achievement Award (who knew?) for his efforts to stop President Obama's "war on coal jobs".
The new regulations depend on the next president to enforce them.
As an urban dweller, I may finally have something to pin my personal angst on. The funny thing is that I suspected that air pollution may be impacting my mental health, just not in the way that one study suggested...
The rise of the U.S. was very much tied to innovation and creation. This conservative propensity of arguing for antiquated occupations to save menial jobs instead of embracing the sort of change that made the U.S. the world power it is today is dangerous.
Brainard was tapped to be on President Obama's Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. He won first place honors from the 2008 Mayor's Climate Protection Awards Program. The most exciting news in his bio... he is a Republican!
Obama has declared a war on coal that's taking direct aim at his country's largest polluters. In Canada, meanwhile, Prime Minister Harper is using his mandate to muzzle weather forecasters from even mentioning climate change. The two major trading partners have their differences, but seldom have they been so out of sync.